What is Tan Smoothie?

Tan Smoothie is a velvety smooth, streak free tan that is enriched with natural fruit extracts and
organic Aloe Vera to help nourish and condition your skin. This easy-to- apply exotic coconut self
tan mousse is suitable for the face

Is Tan Smoothie suitable for everyone?

Yes. Our tans are all enriched with high quality moisturising ingredients such as Organic DHA
Aloe Vera, Fruit Extracts and Vitamin E so they nourish, moisturise and condition the skin to
leave it feeling soft & supple and looking beautiful.

Does Tan Smoothie smell?

Yes…..like you have just stepped off a beach on the Caribbean!! Our tan is unlike others in
that is smells AMAZING, it has a lovely coconut scent to it.

What is the best way to apply Tan Smoothie?

Apply on clean, dry skin. We always recommend using the Tan Smoothie mitt when applying –
that’s because the velvety mitt allows the tan to easily glide onto the skin and the lotion proof
barrier inside the mitt will protect the palms of the hands from staining.

What should I wear after I apply Tan Smoothie?

We recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing after your tan has been fully applied. This
tan can be left on 4-5hrs or for a deeper glow then we recommend leaving on overnight.

Will Tan Smoothie stain my clothes?

As with any tan, you should avoid it going onto your clothes. However, should a small amount of
tan transfer to your clothes, it will wash off so never panic!

Is there a choice of colour depth?

Yes, depending on how long you leave your tan on depends on the depth of colour. We
recommend a minimum of 4 hrs for a fruity glow, anything over 4 hrs your tan will intensify..for
the daring we would say leave overnight before showering off.

How long will Tan Smoothie tan last on my body?

Your Tan Smoothie tan will fade naturally and last for up to 7 days. It is important to moisturise
daily however, we recommend using our Tan Smoothie Coconut Oil (not suitable for people with
nut allergies), as moisturising locks in hydration and ensures an even wear off.

Does Tan Smoothie contain sunscreen?

No. Tan Smoothie tans do not offer protection from the sun. You can however, apply high factor
sunscreen over your tan when in the sun.

Is Tan Smoothie available in Sprays?

Yes we have a few different options in our Spray Tans. We have Light /Medium, Medium /Dark
and our Super One Shot, our Express Tan that should be left on for 1-2hrs only.

Can I become a stockist of Tan Smoothie?

So you have tried and loved Tan Smoothie and want to stock it? We are always looking for
stockists. Contact us at info@primitivedesigns.uk for further info.